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91X Countdown

Top 91 of 1987

91 Grass XTC

90 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before The Smiths

89 Pump Up The Volume (UK 12" Mix) M|A|R|R|S

unavailable 88 things I Do for Money Northern Pikes

unavailable 87 The right stuff Bryan Ferry

86 Time Will Crawl David Bowie

85 Heroine The Edge & Sinead O'Connor

84 Got My Mind Set On You George Harrison

83 The Game Echo & The Bunnymen

82 Mystify Inxs

81 Trip Through Your Wires U2

unavailable 80 Walk with an erection Swinging Erudites

79 Oh Yeah Yello

78 Testify Peter Tosh

77 La Bamba Los Lobos

76 Happy When It Rains The Jesus And Mary Chain

75 The Passenger Siouxsie And The Banshees

unavailable 74 World shut your mouth Julian Cope

73 Arizona Sky China Crisis

72 4th Of July X

71 Strap Me In The Cars

70 Not My Slave Oingo Boingo

69 Good Times Hoodoo Gurus

68 In God's Country U2

67 Instant Club Hit (you'll Dance To Anything) The Dead Milkmen

66 Hot Hot Hot !!! The Cure

65 Sometimes Erasure

64 Heartbreak Beat The Psychedelic Furs

63 All In My Mind Love And Rockets

62 World Where You Live Crowded House

61 Never Let Me Down David Bowie

60 April Skies The Jesus And Mary Chain

59 People Are Strange Echo & The Bunnymen

58 One Tree Hill U2

57 Painted moon The Silencers

unavailable 56 In the River Call

55 Ask The Smiths

unavailable 54 Absolute Perfection Private Domain

53 I Don't Wanna Call

unavailable 52 Jane's getting serious Jon Astley

51 Luka Suzanne Vega

50 Sheila Take A Bow The Smiths

49 Suspicion (Original Version) Gene Loves Jezebel

48 Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune) It's Immaterial

47 No Stars Figures On A Beach

46 Good + Bad Times Inxs

45 Ship Of Fools World Party

44 New Direction (Original Version) Echo & The Bunnymen

43 See How We Are X

42 Alone Again Or The Damned

unavailable 41 Unhappy Birthday The Smiths

40 Spanish Eyes U2

39 I Go Crazy Flesh For Lulu

38 The Kiss The Cure

unavailable 37 I wanna be a Flintstone Screaming Blue Messiahs

36 Alex Chilton The Replacements

35 Bullet The Blue Sky U2

34 Mony Mony Billy Idol

33 Vanishing Girl The Dukes Of Stratosphear

unavailable 32 Pop Goes the World Men without Hats

31 What's My Scene Hoodoo Gurus

unavailable 30 Crazy Icehouse

29 Elvis Is Everywhere Mojo Nixon

28 Wild Flower The Cult

27 Hazy Shade Of Winter The Bangles

unavailable 26 My Boyfriend Cucumbers

25 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For U2

24 We'll Be Together Sting

23 Love Removal Machine The Cult

22 We Close Our Eyes Oingo Boingo

21 It's A Sin Pet Shop Boys

20 How Beautiful You Are The Cure

19 Rain In The Summertime The Alarm

unavailable 18 Seattle Public Image Ltd.

17 The Motion Of Love Gene Loves Jezebel

16 No New Tale To Tell Love And Rockets

15 1963 [12" Version] New Order

14 Dear God XTC

13 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M.

12 Where The Streets Have No Name U2

11 Hourglass Squeeze

10 The One I Love R.E.M.

9 Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode

8 With Or Without You U2

7 Girlfriend In A Coma The Smiths

6 Why Can't I Be You? The Cure

5 Need You Tonight Inxs

4 Strangelove Depeche Mode

3 True Faith New Order

2 Lips Like Sugar Echo & The Bunnymen

1 Just Like Heaven The Cure