About This Site

I maintain this site as a place to put things I find interesting. I am more interested (here) in exploring new developments in HTML and other web-related technologies than in using site-builder tools that hide those technologies..

Most of the pages use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which define a set of typographical enhancements to HTML. I have generally tried to avoid non-standard browser extensions. If you have a browser that correctly implements CSS and HTML the typesetting will appear a little closer to how I intended; if not, you still won't miss very much.

The primary tool I used to create the HTML and CSS pages is a text editor called Vim, a clone of the Unix editor, vi. One or two of the pages -- primarily the Reasonably Adequate Privacy (RAP) document -- I had already written in Microsoft Word; I converted them to HTML and tuned them by hand. The RAP document also contains a sound clip in MP3 format.

vi powered   Made with Cascading Style Sheets